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Works and Operations Highlights
In Latinoamericana de Energ?a we consider our personnel the core of the organization, and that is why we have involved them from the onset in the design and implementation of our Integrated Management System (as per its acronym in Spanish, SGI).

The personnel recognizes such value and is willing to facilitate the Company’s continuous improvement process. They understand their role in the organization and the relevance of their contribution to attain the Management’s objectives.

Each company in the Holding has a Performance Assessment System which allows for a closer interrelationship between the personnel and their direct supervisor, creating an atmosphere of trust and encouraging team work. Thus, goals are agreed by consensus and individual performance is assessed in a professional, less subjective manner, based on performance indicators.

Training is the backbone of the development of Human Resources , and  Latinoamericana de Energía seeks to attain 40 hours of training per person per year.

All HR activities – coordinated through the Integrated Management System – are constantly monitored across all the Company divisions and are performed in compliance with the Organization’s Code of Ethics.

Send Your R?sum?
If you are interested in our company and wish to join our team, we would like to hear from you. Please, send your résumé (save your résumé as .PDF. format. Thank you.


Within the framework of the continuous improvement policy intended to include the most qualified human resources in our various operations, Latinoamericana de Energía keeps a highly competitive Young Professionals Program.

This program allows young professionals from different disciplines to acquire work experience in the energy sector and other support areas of our business through a Tutor system consisting of highly qualified employee tutors of the Company.

Upon completion of the education period, the young professionals who outperform in terms of their attitude towards  the continuous improvement mandate and in accordance with efficiency, Quality, Health and Environmental standards will become part of the organization’s full-time payroll.

This program enables the Young Professionals of the communities where Latinoamericana de Energía operates to get involved in the work environment and develop their potential by having access to state-of-the-art technology processes carried out under strict international regulations.

In addition, this initiative adds value to the local communities as a result of the articulation of active integration policies between the University and the companies.